Gary Hunt: Camp Lone Star Domestic Terrorist! Really?

Camp Lone Star – Domestic Terrorist! Really?

Camp Lone Star

Domestic Terrorist!   Really?

Gary Hunt
Outpost of Freedom
September 1, 2017

Kevin “KC” Massey filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request back in October 2016. He just received a response (FOIA Response). Though only two and a little bit of a third page, it is rather interesting. You can read the whole Response, though I will give some highlights. “xxx” indicates redactions, mostly names.

It begins with a Summary of Events, “On September 2, 2014, Cameron County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) Investigator and Task Force Officer (TFO) for the FBI Brownsville Field Office xxx called ATF SA xxx for assistance on the ‘BP Militia’ case.” So, the government had already set up an investigation on the “BP Militia”. So, well, it wasn’t just a coincidence that the events of August 29, 2014 occurred as they did. (ATF=Alcohol, Tobacco, & Firearms; SA=Special Agent; BP=Border Patrol; NFA=National Firearms Act)
Now, when we see the background, well:

“On September 2, 2014, CCSO Investigator xxx had called ATF SA xxx for assistance with the firearms from an arrest of a militia member that had been shot at by an United States Border Patrol Agent over the weekend of August 29. 2014. xxx advised SA xxx that the BP agent was following a group of illegals through the brush when he encountered a militia member pointing a firearm at him. CCSO Investigator xxx also informed SA xxx that this militia member is a previously convicted felon who was possibly in possession of NFA weapons.”

Nobody was arrested on August 29, and Court testimony established that Foerster (the one that was shot at) never pointed his weapon at the BP agent.

This, too, establishes that the government was making up a story, or they are piss-poor investigators, that would allow them to expand this operation to encompass Massey.
Then, “SA xxx advised CCSO Investigator xxx that the ATF would assist the CCSO with the investigation and agreed to meet xxx at the CCSO on this same day to examine and take custody of the recovered firearms in order to send them to ATF lab, as well as obtain copies of the current case report.”

On that same day, September, 2014, we have:

“CCSO Investigator xxx called SA xxx, approximately 15 min[utes] after the conclusion of the first phone call [described in the previous paragraph], to inform SA xxx that he had to  “un-invite” ATF to the case. CCSO apologized and said that the call came from above him and he was following orders.”

So, the normal course of investigation and the involvement of ATF was abruptly halted, in just 15 minutes, because, “the call came from above him and he was following orders.”


Later, on September 4, 2014, we begin to find some answers. In identifying Massey, they include this tidbit, “MASSEY is coded by the FBI as being a part of a terrorist organization, armed and dangerous, and having violent tendencies.”

So, we have a felon in possession case taken away from the ATF, by the FBI, and they have tagged Massey as a member of a terrorist organization, armed, dangerous, and having violent tendencies.” It is no wonder that the government needed 15 armed agents to arrest Massey after the Indictment was issued. After all, they put him up on the level of Osama bin Ladin.
But, wait, we’re not done, yet. We know that the government likes to label patriots with sinister sounding titles. I have no doubt that they have identified me as a “White Nationalist”, After all, I am White and I believe in my country (nation). However, they would have a hard time demonizing me with the latter.

The response concludes by the demonization of Massey. It says, “FBI SA xxx further stated that the FBI would be the agency charging the firearms violation because they have jurisdiction because it is a Domestic Terrorism case.”

So, volunteers, working with or without the cooperation of the Border Patrol in protecting our borders, detaining or discouraging illegal immigrants, are, well, Domestic Terrorists. And, that, my friends, is what our country has come to be.

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