Gary Hunt : Notice – Get Them While You Can

Notice – Get Them While
You Can

In a “Finding
of Facts and Conclusions of Law Finding Gary Hunt in Civil
“, Judge Anna Brown has determined that Hunt has
violated judge made law in excerpting information from FBI Form
1023s in his series of articles about informants.  

Through thorough
investigation of those forms, Hunt was able to determine who
informants involved in the occupation of the Malheur National
Wildlife Refuge were. To  provide proof of his assertions,
rather than simply make unfounded accusation, necessity required
proof of those claims be included in the articles..

As FBI SA Jason Kruger said
on the stand, during the hearing of August 23, the FBI has had
to relocate one of the informants.

However, in those “Findings
of ‘Facts'”, the offending material must be removed from Hunt’s
website by noon (PST), Wednesday, September 13, 2017.

At this time, it is prudent
that Hunt complies with said requirement, as he stated he would
during the August hearing, so he will comply. However, he will
comply at the last minute.

Thus the articles will be
available until the stated time and date. However, it is clear
that the Protective Order applies only to Hunt. It will not
apply to anyone who has copied and reposted said articles, or
intends to do so before the deadline.

A pdf of the entire
informant series can be found at “
– The Scourge of the Patriot Community
Get them while you can!

An article will be
forthcoming, explaining the Court’s decision and the means by
which the Freedom of the Press has been subjugated to judge made

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