Setting the Record straight regarding John Lamb’s claims about the Randy Weaver interview.

Edit History for John Lambs Original Live Stream Facebook Post

Gary Hunt
Outpost of Freedom
February 19, 2018

To set this record straight, Wendy Kay did ask John if she could video it for Redoubt News (see below). John said okay, so it was not just an observation, it was consent. John imposed no conditions on the videoing for Redoubt, which made the Redoubt video the property of Redoubt News, a patriotic and very well presented news source.

News is not news if it can’t be gotten out. There is always an endeavor to get news out to as wide an audience as possible, So, GMN (Guerilla Media Network) agreed to live stream the video, which seems to be the source of the problem.

So, let’s look at the video that was, by consent, the property of Redoubt. John’s tactic was to claim a copyright violation; however, it is absent any proof. So, if we boil that down, John is claiming that he has rights over the property of another person. Normally, that would be theft, and perhaps fraud.

Suppose you had a piano. John stole that piano. You said, hey that’s my piano. John says, no, it is my piano. So, he would have compounded his theft with a fraudulent statement — that it was his piano.

That is exactly where we are. However, just to compound it further, two Facebook accounts have been removed, at John’s insistence. Shari Dovale and Doug Knowles have had their Facebook accounts (not jail) removed from Facebook, with all of the friends, posts, pictures everything — gone.

Facebook has put a condition on John Lamb. He has to prove that he has filed a legal action by February 27 (14 days), or the videos, and, perhaps, some of the Facebook pages will be restored to those parties. My guess is nothing would be filed, but that allows him the two weeks to abuse those that have, within their rights, posted the video. That is the tactic of coward. If he files, he will lose in court, and he knows it. He has been advised by an attorney that he will not prevail.

The status of three YouTube accounts has been limited. Any attempt to post the Redoubt video is rejected.

Further, and perhaps a little background is necessary, I watch the Pete Santilli show in the morning. It is a live stream show that happens to come on when I am drinking my morning tea — getting ready for my day. Not that I agree with everything that Pete has to say, but, then, I am sure that Pete doesn’t agree with everything that I have to say.

This morning, Sunday, February 18, 2018, about 45 minutes into the show, YouTube cut the stream. Pete managed to get back on, but not too much later, the stream was, again, cut. I had to go to his main YouTube page and find that he has started another live stream. After a while, he could not even get a connection to live stream his show, and gave up for the day.

Now, I don’t want to lay this on John Lamb. I doubt that he has the influence to cause YouTube to play this sort of game. It is always possible that YouTube is having problems. Though they seem to be quite stable.

Changing horses in mid-stream, “Project Veritas”, with James O’Keefe, has done some rather interesting exposés, one of which was YouTube. It is quite possible that YouTube is working in conjunction with others, which may want to curtail Santilli’s reach and message.

I know that sounds like a conspiracy theory, which I avoid like the plague. But, when I look at the circumstances, it is difficult to determine just which of the three possibilities is the real source of the problem. So, I will leave that conclusion to the reader. However, the proximity of the problem to the ongoing discussion of John Lamb and his effort to deny access to Shari Dovale, Doug Knowles, and Pete Santilli and these vents on YouTube is might coincidental. However, possibly ideal for another entity to ‘hide’ behind the dispute, assuming that the blame would be laid on John Lamb.

Speaking of Shari Dovale, she got one of her Facebook page back, at 7:30 am, Sunday. Though it appears that the return of her page was not consistent with, well, whoever might also be a player in this game of suppression, so was gone, again, by 8:30.

During the course of my investigation, someone who considers himself a friend of John Lamb contacted me. He and I had often spoke, so I considered him an objective intermediary He told me what he had been told by Lamb. It was inconsistent with what I had been told. So, he offered that he would set up a three-way call including Lamb, himself, and myself. Since I have learned that when you have a private conversation in a confrontational situation, it may turn into a he said/he said urinating contest, so, the three-way was acceptable, as there would be an objective witness to the conversation. However, he contacted Lamb. Lamb said he would get back with him. After over 4 hours, I got this message from the intermediary, “Never did hear from John… interesting.” So, I guess Lamb didn’t want to have to lie to bolster his story. I know, I’m accusing John Lamb of lying. Shame on me.

So, now, let’s get on with some verified details of what occurred, leading up to, during, and after the Randy Weaver interview. Since I have not spoken with John Lamb, I am relying on various sources, though in all cases, what those sources have provided will be proceeded with “JL:” My other source for the following was an interview I had with the other significant player in these events, Wendy Kay, the videographer for Redoubt News, which will be proceeded with “WK:”. I will be paraphrasing from the interview.

JL: I did not know that she was recording until well into the Interview. Randy did not want anybody to “monetize” the interview.

WK: At the Libertarian meeting on Friday, February 9, the evening before the interview, both John Lamb and I were there to video Roger Roots’ FIJA (Fully Informed Jury Association) presentation. John told me that he was going to interview Randy the next day. It didn’t know if they were going to live-stream the interview, or not. They had both live-streamed Roger’s talk. In a text message, the next day, WK was told the they were going to meet Randy at noon, at Perkins Restaurant. John and WK arrived, together in time to see Randy walk into the restaurant.

Both WK & JL explained to Randy what live streaming was. Randy was pleased that technology provided such a capability. He was pleased with the idea. There was never any discussion about Randy not wanting anybody to make money off of the interview. WK did not want to discuss whether she could live-stream for Redoubt News, so she took JL aside and asked him if it would be all right for her to do so. JL, rather enthusiastically, said yes, it would be all right.

When they were ready to do the interview, it was suggested by WK that they turn the table and seat Roger, Randy, and John behind it. That was agreed to, as clearly shown in the videos. The guy that was videoing for John said that he liked to move around, so WK agreed to not sit in a chair, rather, that she would kneel down so as to not block his camera view as he moved around.

At the end of the interview, WK told JL that they had 1,500 views on the Redoubt live-stream. The other guy reported his numbers (quantity unreported to me), and everybody was pleased.

The next day, Shari Dovale contacted WK and explained what had happened with the “copyright violation” that JL had filed. WK then called JL and asked him why JL had done that. JL replied that he did not file against WK, he filed against Pete Santilli. JL claimed that Santilli had cut him out of the video. [Note: In talking with Santilli, he did live stream the Redoubt News video, live, and was not censoring of JL’s image. It was after the alleged violation that he blocked the image of JL as he replayed the video.]

In WK’s conversation with JL, he claimed that he had arranged the interview and that he had paid for everything, and that he was tired when he gave WK permission to live-stream the interview. This resulted on WK being blocked by some on Facebook and being called out for what she had done, implying that she had snuck the video live-stream.

WK then contacted Facebook, explaining what had transpired – that it was her (WK) video, not JL’s video that was being rebroadcast and shared, and she had permission to do so from JL. Facebook then unblocked her page. She thought that Shari Dovale’s page had also been unblocked. [Note: As explained above, that lasted just about an hour.]

A couple of days later WK posted on various locations on Facebook the fact that it was her video, in an effort to set the record straight. JL then called WK and was mad that Santilli and Dovale were making money off of his interview with Randy Weaver.

JL: I rented a conference room and paid for Randy’s breakfast

The room that they were in was a large room with other diners seated and eating. It was not a conference room. John offered to pay for Randy’s breakfast, however, as WK was leaving, after the interview, she paid for Randy’s breakfast when she paid for her own.

Wendy Kay has met and spent time with both Shari Dovale and John Lamb. She was uncomfortable with what has happened and was somewhat surprised by John’s whole approach to this situation.

So, it appears that there were only two truths to what John has said in this matter. First, that he did interview Randy Weaver. Second, that his name really is John Lamb.


Here are Both videos for your own comparison.  The Redoubt News version is still being maliciously removed for a fake Copyright Claim, so we have included a link where you can download and view it for your self .

Get Your own copy of The Redoubt News Version of the Interview here, and compare for your self.

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  1. I don’t know why, as I have always had high regards for JL. No I haven’t spoken to him and I would rather not get personally involved. I hurts to see good people who have stood together for noble causes now feuding among themselves. We need to stand united in getting out the message.

    Thanks for your honest reporting.

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