Jalon Peters Will Represent All of Bonner County

Jalon Peters Will Represent All of Bonner County

As a property tax payer in this community I am dismayed that the concept of working within a budget seems to be anathema to the school district board. And when concerns are raised by citizens regarding spending or school levies, they are often vilified as being “against the children”.

The LPOSD board appears tone deaf to the concerns of the tax paying public, as exhibited   at an LPOSD meeting when a retired property tax payer expressed concern that she would be be taxed out of her home. The response from a board member was to say she should sell her home and move somewhere she could afford.

Many of us who moved here did so to enjoy a better quality of life, and many of us left lucrative salaries and business ventures behind.   I don’t expect my client’s to pay the same prices for their services as they would in a metropolitan area and can’t imagine their response if I raised my prices and told them, “Well, that’s what businesses like mine charge in other cities.” Yet this is the reasoning presented by the school board, when asked about administrators salaries. Case in point, the CFO of LPOSD is paid $13,400.16 per month (this does not reflect all the benefits received).  When I questioned a board member about this salary I received this terse response, “She’s worth it.”

Jalon Peters is a breath of fresh air as candidate for Lake Pend Oreille school district trustee. He’s running to represent everyone in our community, teachers, students, administrators and tax payers, all who have a stake in education.  He will call for fiscal responsibility and will encourage LPOSD to live within their budget and to view taxpayers as partners in education who deserve a seat at the table. I heartily endorse Jalon Peters for School Board.

Anita Aurit
Sandpoint, Idaho


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