The City of Prosser, Future Lies, and the Candidates of “Futurewise”

The City of Prosser, Future Lies, and the Candidates of “Futurewise”

By Glen Morgan

Washington State’s 2021 off-year election season is easily overshadowed by Washington’s season of Governor Inslee’s forever emergency, Inslee’s hyped mandates, and the fumbling of the DC political class.  However, voters are shortly getting their ballots for many local elections around the state, and the consequences of these elections can reverberate for both good and bad many years into the future.  Today’s election decisions matter.  Even when both people on the ballot are not good.

This brings us to the City of Prosser located in Benton County, eastern Washington.  There are three seats up for the municipal city council elections this year.  One political race caught our attention.  This was not because we’re a fan of the candidates on the ballot.  Instead, it was because we are not a fan of Futurewise (known as “Future Lies” to those with experience). 

Prosser’s Gang Green and the government staff infection

As I’ve discussed in past articles (linked here, for example), Washington’s Gang Green movement and the government staff infection they spread causes great harm to the people who live here.  Grant grifting operations like Futurewise and their endless litigation operation have been directed at rural, suburban and urban residents for many years now.  Of all places, it is the City of Prosser which has the Futurewise Vice-President, Maricela Sanchez running for position #2 on the council. 

It is likely the average Prosser voter don’t really know Maricela Sanchez and they probably don’t know about Futurewise (lies) or the harm this organization regularly inflicts on the people of Washington State.  This merits a closer look.

Maricela Sanchez appears to be the only person running a serious campaign for city council in the City of Prosser.  This is reflected both by her financial filings with the Public Disclosure Commission (see here), and her expenditures for consultants (see here).  This isn’t her first rodeo on the ballot.  In 2017, she lost a race for the Prosser School Board (see results here, and the PDC filing here).  However, if a voter were to look at her campaign page (linked here), she would appear to be a normal, even conservative candidate.  This is the first lie.

Candidate Sanchez is a former Green Party member and was active in that organization locally until it was absorbed into the Democratic Party we see today.  Below is a photo from one of the Green Party meetings from a few years ago. Sanchez was a prominent member in that organization at the time.  This photo was later scrubbed once their local website vanished. The local Green Party in happier glory days – Sanchez is on the far right…

Political problems shouldn’t be solved with threats of explosives

Interestingly, Sanchez was arrested in North Dakota at a Pipeline protest in 2016.  She was charged with endangering people with fire and explosives, riot, and was one of many who were charged in the events surrounding that activity.  Eventually, the legal strategy of overwhelming the North Dakota county court with high-powered attorneys and national support succeeded and most of these charges were later dismissed.  Even though, according to her own documents, she was making $28,000 per month as an anesthesiologist in Richland, Washington at the time, she attempted to claim indigent status and request a free attorney.  This request was rejected according to the documents linked below.

I don’t mind a few felony arrests now and then, and who doesn’t endanger others with fire and explosives on occasion?  It happens.  After all, with the Federal Department of Justice recently declaring every parent who questions the incompetence and sanity of their local school board as a “domestic terrorist,” I would expect every civic minded person to rack up some impressive crimes and criminal charges soon. 

However, it takes a special kind of person, willing to sow harm and destruction in their community at an epic scale to become Vice President of Futurewise.   This organization has also been the breeding ground for Washington State’s current Public Lands Commissioner Hillary Franz (“let the forests burn to the ground”), who was the former Executive Director of Futurewise.  This corporation has been the leading litigation factory dedicated to the destruction of private property, rural living, private automobiles, private wells (Hirst Decision), urban neighborhoods, and local self-determination.  Bringing big-city elitist attitudes to rural areas and urban neighborhoods alike, there is no jurisdiction which remains untouched by their harmful litigation threats and actions.  Always pushing for more taxes, subsidies for mega-developers, elimination of private wells, and the protection of the elite political class, Futurewise has made its mark and only strives to make it worse.

It was the residents of Whatcom County who first coined the nickname “Future Lies” about this organization and everything it does.  The professional lobbyists who represent this corporation tend to support policies that hurt the little guy and benefit the mega grifting operations which support light-rail boondoggles, central planning schemes that cost a mint and fail to deliver any joy, as well as grant grifting operations to reward their wealthy supporters.  They are always predictable.  If it makes life more miserable, costly, and difficult – these guys support it.

Candidate Sanchez is just another Big Government elitist hoping to harm another small town with her Gang Green crew from Futurewise leading the way.  One way to prove this is by looking at who she politically supports when she writes checks.  For example, her support of one of the crazies running for Mayor of Seattle (see donation here), and others I’ve documented below.  We have many friends living in the City of Prosser, and Sanchez has wisely been doorbelling the city because she is running a serious and well-funded campaign.  While she represents herself as a reasonable candidate for office, when confronted by those who disagree with her, she reportedly calls them “racist” and becomes angry (fortunately, there are no reported threats of fire or explosives, which is a big improvement from her North Dakota days).  Remember, you can’t get on the board of Futurewise unless you also are part of the D.I.E. cult (Diversity, Inclusion, Equity) with a little CRT (Critical Racism Theory – everyone else is a racist except you) tossed in for good measure.  The City of Prosser would be wise to avoid putting someone this extreme into local office. 

No great choices for voters

Unfortunately, the voters of Prosser really deserve better options on the ballot because Sanchez’s opponent is no great choice, even if he is a marginally better choice than Futurewise’s Sanchez.   The bar has been set extremely low here. He is a long time (too long) incumbent named Morgan Everett (no relation to this author).  Like many incumbents he appears to be lazy with no campaign and nothing filed with the Public Disclosure Commission.  Yes, of course, I will file a complaint. 

Sometimes there are no good options, just one marginally less bad than the worst.

There are 281 local municipalities in Washington State.  Most of these are cities and towns, and they have elections for their councilmembers and mayors during off year elections like this one.  These politicians can be either good or terrible, but if local people don’t pay attention to who these candidates really are, they will find clowns and grifters occupying the local council.  This might be entertaining, but it is not optimal for local governance or reasonable stewardship of the town or city.  Pay attention.  Apathy and Ignorance really will hurt you in the end.  Vote (if you live in King County – vote often).   The future really does belong to those who show up, and if only the crazies and grifters show up – the future doesn’t get better for the rest of us.


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Sanchez – $550 donation to Lorena Gonzalez (PDC Report #110019735 – 5-10-2021)
Sanchez – $500 donation to Zahra Roach (failed Dem Franklin County Comm. Cand.- PDC Report #100857322 – 9-10-2018)
Sanchez – $50 donation to Shir Regev – failed Richland City Council candidate – (PDC Report #100776584 – 7-24- 2017)
Sanchez – $100 donation to Brian Griffith School Director Pasco (PDC Report #100795186 – 10-23-2017)
Sanchez – $100 donation to Ginger Wireman Kennewick City Council (PDC Report #110048407 – 9-20-2021)
Sanchez – Booking Photo 2016 – North Dakota


Republished with permission from We The Governed


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