Why I’m Voting for Frytz Mor

Why I’m Voting for Frytz Mor


I have had the opportunity to hear Frytz Mor speak on several occasions and have also spoken with him directly. I am heartily supporting him for a number of reasons.

One of the most compelling reasons is that Frytz is against public/private partnerships. I have seen these abused in our city. The “business incubator” is a prime example. The city obtained grant money to open a business incubator and commercial kitchen. This allowed innovation and entrepreneurship in our town. Unfortunately, the city was wooed by a business whose parent company was in Buffalo, NY and the “business incubator” was shut down and the commercial kitchen was closed.

Businesses not only lost affordable office space but those using the commercial kitchen went out of business or were forced to drive many miles to find a commercial kitchen. When I asked the then city planner why the city chose to close the commercial kitchen, his response was, “Well, they weren’t real business, more like hobby businesses.” The Sep. 3 article, “Winners and Losers-How Sandpoint kept a growing company in its city — by evicting small businesses by Daniel Walters is still available online and presents this debacle well.

Frytz Mor believes in encouraging business and entrepreneurship in our city, not competing with it or being a road block to success.. He understands that tourism alone is not the answer to a healthy economy in our town and in our county. I will be voting for Frytz Mor for Sandpoint City Council.

Anita Aurit

Sandpoint, Idaho

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