Freedom or Slavery – Which Would You Choose?

Freedom or Slavery – Which Would You Choose?

by Roger Whitten

Given the choice, most people choose slavery over freedom.

The reason is simple to understand: people truly are herd animals. When pressure is applied, people yield. The billionaires know how to effectively apply pressure. The media, the cell phones, the so-called educational system, the government, etc. are, in essence, cattle prods, herd dogs, and predators. They are tools of pressure. These tools of pressure are controlled by billionaires.

The sheep do not contemplate the motives of the herder when his dog applies pressure. Similarly, people do not contemplate the grand design behind propaganda, subliminal messages, inaudible sound waves, indoctrination, and the exercise of state power. Like the sheep, people only feel the immediate pressure and then move in the desired direction. People do not understand the importance of opposing the pressure.

Whenever pressure is applied, a person chooses between freedom and slavery. When one opposes pressure, more pressure is applied. Resistance to being herded like an animal is met with public denigration, ostracization, loss of income, legal system attacks, and perhaps death. The more one chooses to be free, the harder life becomes. Although, those who choose freedom choose to live with truth rather than the bliss of ignorance. The sheep cave quickly to pressure because they do not see that they are slaves. People cave quickly to pressure because they have a knack for self-deception.

Freedom is being in possession of one’s individual rights. Slavery is the loss of one’s rights. The modus operandi of the billionaires is to: first, introduce fear; second, create a “solution” which results in the violation of rights; third, maintain fear. The following are examples of how humanity is herded into slavery:


Airport security “solution” violates our right to be free from searches without probable cause and conditions people into acceptance of the state having physical control over them.

Terrorist attack of 2001 “solution” violates our right to privacy. (As an aside, how does the jet fuel of two airplanes create the perfect implosions of three buildings?)

School shootings “solution” violates our right of self-defense by means of firearms.

Alleged man-made environmental disaster “solution” violates our right to property, which is the foundation of our high standard of living.

Virus scare “solution” violates our bodies on a genetic level.

Only a slave would willingly accept a drug injected into his body that mutates his genes so that his immune system interprets his own cells as foreign and starts to attack his own body, not to mention the blood clotting and a host of other problems associated with the experimental gene therapy drug. Why did the slave take the deadly drug? Pressure! First, fear is introduced by falsifying the case numbers and death numbers of a flu-like virus. Then a solution is introduced, a solution that violates one’s right to be in control of one’s own physical body.

Take the gene therapy drug or:


You will be responsible for killing others.

You will not be allowed to travel.

You will not be allowed to associate with others.

You will not be allowed to work.

Pressure, pressure, pressure, pressure.

Media, government, schools, etc. are constantly pushing fear and pressure.

The slaves are not thinking. They are responding to the tools of pressure. It is no wonder that the billionaires have no respect for us. The people are just units of production, (which should be obvious given the level of taxation).

So, the choice for each of us is between accepting the deceptions of evil that drive us into slavery or accepting the goodness of freedom with all of its hardships, uncertainties, and attacks from evil.

Americans know which choice to make. They know to guard their rights and oppose the government of the billionaires. For an American, acceptance of slavery is cowardly, and an act of self-deception. Only freedom provides the soul with a sense of moral justice.

Can you withstand the tools of pressure and embrace your birthright of freedom? The world awaits your answer, for if the light of Liberty goes out in America, then the cause of humanity is lost.

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