Medical Freedom is Center Stage in Boise

Medical Freedom is Center Stage in Boise

by Editorial Staff

Monday will see the long awaited legislative session resume in Boise, Idaho.

The Legislature will be looking at several measures to thwart the Harris-Biden Regime’s attempts to control the population of the country, specifically Joe Biden’s vaccine mandates.

Speaker Scott Bedke has delayed this session as long as possible, but the statutes require the House to reconvene as they never officially ended the session last spring.

The main events will center around medical mandates, including vaccines, that intrude on medical privacy and bodily autonomy. Does your body belong to you or not?

Expect at least 10, or even as many as 20, bills to be presented by legislators reacting to the overwhelming opposition from the citizens of the state towards these mandates.

A bill currently sponsored by Representative Tammy Nichols and Senator Christy Zito does the following: It recognizes a right to medical privacy and forbids governments and employers alike from seeking to breach an individual’s medical privacy rights. Unlike the other drafts, this proposal is based on an underlying principle—a right to medical privacy—which is universally applied.

The right to medical privacy includes vaccination status, which should be medically protected private information. The draft bill does not prevent pre-employment drug testing.

People who claim that the federal government should not or cannot mandate vaccinations but private employers can as part of their contractual relationship miss an overarching point: they are still intruding into the domain of medically private personal information. If an employer can ask about an employee’s vaccination status, what is to limit them from asking any other medically private questions? For example, this opens the door to questions about your blood pressure, your cholesterol, etc. 

Medical privacy extends beyond Covid and employment, and must be viewed as what stands between you and the freedom to work, worship, travel, buy food, and even perhaps occupy any sphere of public space.

Exemptions must also be discerned through the viewer of medical freedom. If an individual chooses not to get a vaccine, they should not have to demonstrate a reason deemed valid by the government. Why? Because that gives the government power to make a decision they have no business making and it could put you on a list of “objectors.”

To boil it down, citizens should not be forced to do anything to their bodies against their will, they should not have to explain themselves and their choices, and the government needs to stay out of it completely.


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