Session Reconvenes to Address Biden’s Vax Mandate

Session Reconvenes to Address Biden’s Vax Mandate

by Rep. Karey Hanks

In July of this year, President Biden announced vaccination requirements for federal government workers, and called on the private sector to do more to encourage vaccination compliance as well. In addition, and alarming to many of us Idahoans, is the soon-to-be-implemented requirement for ALL employers with 100+ employees to ensure their workers are vaccinated, or tested weekly. This will be an overwhelming burden to our already over-regulated businesses in Idaho. Other onerous demands are on the way.

I just finished watching Senator Ron Johnson’s hearing on adverse vax reactions, all 3+ hours of it. Two of the harmed testifiers live in Idaho. Kyle, a professional biker from Boise, said, “Where there is risk there must be choice.”  These stories need to be heard. Watch the hearing HERE.

Read more about Biden’s COVID-19 plan HERE. 

The Idaho Legislature will reconvene on Monday, November 15th, to address the Biden mandates. Several of us are supporting RS 29032 (if it becomes a bill it will be assigned a bill number), which will recognize a right to medical privacy and forbids government and employers from breaching an individual’s medical privacy rights. Medical privacy rights include the freedom to work, worship, travel, buy food, and otherwise function in public.

Contact your legislators , Speaker Bedke: [email protected] Pro tem Chuck Winder: [email protected] and  Gov.Little: [email protected]
Demand that they support this medical privacy proposal.

I will introduce an updated the H339 Mask Mandate Prohibition bill to include private employers as well, and will be submitting that for consideration. Contact your legislators and leadership listed above and urge them to support RS 29098.

Many parents have expressed opposition to requirements for their children  to be masked in school. This affects students’ mental, emotional, as well as physical well-being. Masking should be optional.

Lastly, as you may have heard, 15 legislators met at the Capitol in September in an effort to encourage other members to reconvene and address the vax mandates forced on health workers, Micron and INL employees, and employees of other businesses. Speaker Scott Bedke and Governor Little had the statutory ability to call legislators in–but they chose not to do so until now, when it is ostensibly too late for some employees to retain their jobs and, in essence, their careers. Our present House and Senate leadership have not been responsive to the pleading or concerns of our citizens. We can respond in the voting booth this spring, and by helping good candidates in our quest to be elected or re-elected. 


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