Case 2:16-cr-00046-GMN-PAL Document 3044 Filed 12/21/17 Page 1 – 3


Mr. Payne respectfully requests the opportunity to travel to Montana, his home-town and, most importantly, where his children reside, between December 23, 2017 and December 27, 2017.

Mr. Payne would stay with his girlfriend, Ariel Rincon, in Anaconda, Montana. Pretrial Services has all the contact information for Ms. Rincon, as well as Mr. Payne’s mother—both of whom live within blocks of each other. In addition, Mr. Payne’s grandmother lives nearby.

Mr. Payne understands that since he is also subject to Pretrial Services supervision in Oregon, Mr. Payne would need the authorization from the Oregon Court. Mr. Payne is petitioning simultaneously for this request in Oregon.

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