Case 3:16-cr-00051-BR Document 2077 Filed 04/21/17 Page 1 – 8

Case 3-16-cr-00051-BR Document 2077 Filed 04:21:17 Page 1 - 8

Gary Hunt has filed is court documents for his 5-9-17 hearing before Anna Brown in Portland Federal District Court. He is challenging the court’s jurisdiction over him in this matter

Includes Case 3:16-cr-00051-BR Document 2077-1 Filed 04/21/17 Page 1 of 3

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  1. I have extensively studied the subject of minimum contacts in the past and the long arm reach of the law outside the forum state. The test for minimum contacts is extensive. Even if Gary Hunt made several trips to Oregon, for his investigation, the only way Anna Brown can get personal jurisdiction is by having Gary served while he is physically within Oregon. Otherwise, the court has the burden of showing that he meets the minimum contacts test by living in, owning property or regularly doing business in Oregon. The courts have consistently ruled that passing through or visits to the forum state do not constitute minimum contacts unless they involve business transactions or other long term attachments through property, residence or business. Even then, it is a heavy burden for the forum state to prove they have personal jurisdiction. A forum state cannot simply serve process on somebody outside their jurisdiction and then assume they have jurisdiction. The use of Marshals as her personal guard dogs to fetch Gary requires a counter suit by Gary for wrongful imprisonment. He should challenge any qualified immunity they might plead for illegal imprisonment, pain and suffering, caused to Gary.

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