A Second Civil War Is Here

A Second Civil War Is Here

by Pete Ketcham

It is now evident that our nation is totally divided, (whether it is realized or not) and is in a cultural and political civil war, with major similarities to what took place in the nation’s 1860’s civil war.

In the first civil war our nation was fundamentally divided on two major issues, succession and slavery.

In 1861 one element of the US citizens believed in keeping the US as one undivided constitutional nation and eliminate slavery (Unionists). Another element of the US citizens believed in eliminating the constitutional nation, forming a confederacy of independent states, and continuing slavery (Confederates). Thus a bloody civil war resulted because of the inability of the parties to settle the issue of succession and slavery through negotiation and compromise.

Today we are also divided by two major issues, as follows:

* Continuing on as a constitutional nation, (Republicans) or abandoning the constitution and continuing on as a (convoluted) socialist type nation (Democrats).
* A belief in the God of the bible and it’s precepts of right and wrong in the governance of our nation, (Republicans), or a complete abandonment of any belief in God, and govern our nation by a total secular philosophy devoid of any moral guidance concerning right and wrong, (Democrats).

And so, once again we are faced with the heavy issue of the potential destruction of our constitutional nation. And as It was in1861, it appears now that there is no longer an avenue of negotiation and compromise between the two political parties to peaceably settle these present differences.

Even though we are now in a cultural/political civil war, (not a shooting civil war) for control of this nation, the Democrats are moving us towards a shooting war by their use of their domestic terrorist groups like BLM, Antifa, and others to create riots with burning, looting, intimidation, and general destruction. These rioters also openly attack and defy law enforcement, and are able to escape prosecution for their deeds by a corrupt Democrat controlled justice system.

One dangerous fact that could influence the possibility of a shooting civil war is that the population of this nation is probably more heavily armed now than at any other time in our nation’s history. This fact seems to be lost on the Democrats as they continue to support the provocative uncontrolled lawless chaos that is overtaking the major cities across this nation. The democrats also condemn any citizen action to stop the chaos, even though the police have demonstrated they are unable to do so.

A case in point is the Rittenhouse trial that has captured national attention. I thank God the jury was able to render a courageous and just decision, but the Democrats have condemned this decision, basically saying that burning (which is life threatening), looting, and property destruction should not be interfered with by a private citizen. In reality BLM, Antifa, and others have become the domestic terrorist arm of the Democrat party and are operating just as the Hitler “Brown Shirts” did when they burned and destroyed the property of the Jews just prior to WW2.


Due to the ineffectiveness of law enforcement to control the criminal riot activity across the nation, the law abiding citizens are left with no other option but to defend their property and life with deadly force. Thus the decision by the Democrats to use domestic terrorist action of violent uncontrolled mobs, could move us from a social/political civil war, to a violent shooting civil war.

It is fervently hoped by many conservatives, that a violent shooting civil war will not take place, but at this point it appears we are moving towards it, and only God can prevent it.


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