Todd Engel To Challenge Dixon in North Idaho

Todd Engel To Challenge Dixon in North Idaho

by Shari Dovale

Todd Engel had been asked months ago to consider a run for office in the next election. He was not ready to commit to a stint in politics, as he just wanted to get on with his life. 5 years had been taken from him and he was still trying to put these pieces back together.

Then he went to Boise and watched the circus in the legislature last week, getting just as frustrated as the rest of us. He could no longer stand by waiting for someone else to clean up the mess.

Engel is not afraid to speak his mind, and after losing 5 years of his life to government corruption, he has certainly earned the right to speak up. And he is speaking up against the cronyism that is rampant in our legislature.

Rep. Sage Dixon, of District 1 Seat B, is the Chairman of the witch hunt committee that was allowed to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to punish the political rival of Speaker Scott Bedke.

The ethics hearing alone was reported to have cost more than $100,000 of public money. The clown show in Boise last week, in which the leftist RINOs pretended they would consider helping the citizens of the state yet did nothing, cost an estimated $100,000+.

Yet, Rep. Sage Dixon found it important to punish a “disrespectful” legislator while he was being disrespectful to his constituents. He even refused to answer questions during the floor session when he presented his recommendations.

Dixon and the ethics committee thought the people would latch onto the drivel they spouted, yet it did not happen. They citizens of Idaho have seen through this charade and are demanding change.

We have that change in Todd Engel. We have had enough of the globalist cronyism. We want someone that will represent the people of North Idaho and the values we live by. We welcome Todd Engel.

Engel For Idaho


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