Bonner County Does A U-Turn On ARPA Spending

Bonner County Does A U-Turn On ARPA Spending,

Pending Legal Opinion


It was a packed room as the Bonner County Commissioners pushed through multiple Agenda items to get to “the moment everyone’s been waiting for” per Commissioner Dan McDonald. The Action Item: Discussion/Decision Regarding American Rescue Plan Act Funds – ARPA; Resolution presented by Commissioner Steve Bradshaw. A Resolution conceived by Constituent and possible Candidate for the District 2 Asia Williams, and crafted by Commissioner Bradshaw.

ARPA Funds have been a contentious battle between the public and Commissioners since County Sheriff Daryl Wheeler returned ARPA Funds in October 2021, due to Rule 9 of the US Treasury Award Terms:

“.. Recipient also agrees to comply with all other applicable federal statutes, regulations and executive orders, and Recipient shall provide for such compliance by other parties ..”

The ARPA Federal Funding is concerning because of the language of the Bill, Rules and Compliance Regulations even Executive Orders found in the mountain of paperwork. Language like “We are now on the path to vaccinating the Nation,” (IRS Notice 1444-C.) Or ambiguous words like ALL Executive Orders or ANY, as in Rule 14(a). Treasury will take “any actions” available to it to collect such a debt. Phrases like Equity projects, Incentivized Vaccine program, Strike Teams, Quarantine, Surveillance, Genomic Sequencing or Informatics Infrastructure.

Tuesday the Commissioners unanimously passed the Resolution that deals with over $800,000.00

Which States:

-All monies identified as ARPA funds that were allocated to Bonner County budgets shall be returned to the originating ARPA account prior to the end of January 2022.

-EMS is to cease utilizing funds out of the ARPA line item within the EMS budget and fully reimburse the originating ARPA account pending Legal Decision.

-Pending legal decision, all funds received and identified as ARPA (2021) funds, will remain in the originating account and will not be allocated for use pending legal decision.

Kendra Martin

Isa 21:6

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