The Jihadi Movement is Alive and Well and Untouched in America

The Jihadi Movement is Alive and Well

and Untouched in America


by John D. Guandolo

While the federal government and many state governments across the United States impose Stalinist policies to smother citizens’ unalienable rights, the Islamic Movement rolls forward unimpeded.

Just because jihadis are not currently blowing themselves up in U.S. malls or schools, or storming the gates of military posts (today), Americans should still pay attention to what the most prominent Islamic organizations in America and their suit-wearing jihadi leaders are doing.

To be clear, ALL of the prominent Islamic organizations in the United States are a part of a well-organized coordinated effort to undermine America’s founding principles, Constitution, laws, and civil society, with the stated objective of imposing sharia, Islamic Law, on every American while establishing an Islamic caliphate here.

Unified in this ultimate objective are the U.S. Council of Muslim Organizations, Emgage, IIIT (International Institute of Islamic Thought), CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations), NIAC (National Iranian American Council), MPAC (Muslim Public Affairs Council), ICNA (Islamic Circle of North America), MLFA (Muslim Legal Fund of America), ISNA (Islamic Society of North America), Muslim Students Association, American Muslims For Palestine (AMP), and the majority of the over 3400 Islamic centers/mosques in the U.S.

Discerning their objective is not difficult if an inquiring mind reads what these organizations teach and what their leaders say to each other.

As an FBI agent, my squad led the raid in Annandale, Virginia which uncovered one of the Muslim Brotherhood’s archives in the United States. This evidence recovered in this raid revealed strategic plans, lists of Muslim Brotherhood and terrorist leaders and organizations, internal historic documents, financial records, and the like. It was a treasure-trove of information about our adversaries her in America. Much of this information was entered into evidence in the largest terrorism financing trial ever successfully prosecuted in U.S. history – US v Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development, Northern District of Texas, 2008.

A reading of these documents – some of which can be found here, here, here, and here – reveals there is a strategic plan, operational objectives, a massive U.S. network, and organized leadership, all working daily to overthrow the United States.

I. When interested parties begin investigating this jihadi network, they will find suit-wearing jihadis inside the American bureaucracy in every component of government, including – but not limited to – the Treasury, Agriculture, Transportation, State, and Defense Departments.


Wa’el Alzayat served as the Senior Policy Advisor to the American Ambassador to the UN Samatha Power, served with other Ambassadors and senior U.S. officials, is a senior fellow at the Middle East Institute, and is the CEO of Emgage Foundation, a Hamas (Foreign Terrorist) organization operating inside the U.S.

Farooq Mitha served as the National Islamic Advisor to Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton and then to Joe Biden. Today, he is the Director of the Office of Small Business Programs at the Department of Defense while simultaneously serving as a board member for the terrorist organization Hamas doing business as Emgage.
Hamas operative Farooq Mitha with President Joe Biden

Keith Ellison, the current Minnesota Attorney General and former Member of Congress, publicly advocates for the designated Foreign Terrorist Organization Hamas doing business as CAIR, actively participates in planning meetings with U.S. Muslim Brotherhood leadership against the interests of the United States, participates in fundraising for terrorist organizations, and uses his positions of authority to advance policies which in direct conflict with U.S. law.
MN Attorney General Keith Ellison with U.S. Hamas Leader Nihad Awad (L); Former U.S. Congressman Keith Ellison endorsing/promoting Hamas dba CAIR (R)

Suhail Khan is the son of one of the most prolific Muslim Brotherhood leaders in North America who praised his father as well as Al Qaeda financier Abdurahman Alamoudi, yet is welcome inside the Federalist Society, CPAC, and served 2 successive Secretaries of Transportation, holding a secret clearance.

II. A cursory review of U.S. government officials aiding and abetting these terrorist organizations includes most democrat Members of Congress, many republican Members of Congress, senior leadership of the FBI, CIA, and DHS, chambers of commerce, state boards of education, many pastors and “Christian” churches, many synagogues and Jewish organizations, and many others.


On December 14, 2021, 219 democrats passed HR 5665 in the U.S. House of Representatives, which establishes a tyrant inside the State Department to ensure all language inside and outside the U.S. government does not offend muslims, per the published objectives of the OIC (Organisation of Islamic Cooperation), the largest voting block in the UN made up of all 56 Islamic Heads of State on the planet.

The FBI’s Executive Assistant Director Paul Abate openly lauded the leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood/Hamas – Al Qaeda led Dar al Hijra Islamic Center in Falls Church, Virginia while standing inside the mosque praising all it does for the community. See the video HERE.

In 2018, 102 Members of the U.S. Congress signed a letter of support to Hamas doing business as the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR). Evidence entered into the largest terrorism financing trial ever successfully prosecuted in American history – US v Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (HLF), Northern District of Texas, 2008 – revealed CAIR was created by the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood’s Palestine Committee, which is Hamas in the United States, and acts on behalf of Hamas, a designated Foreign Terrorist Organization. See CAIR is Hamas HERE.

Training programs inside the U.S. government conducted by jihadis, such as the recent program taught to military personnel in Kuwait, which presented Islam as warm, loving, and completely compatible with America’s Constitutional Republic.

III. The Islamic Movement in the United States only meets resistance by official government agencies via criminal prosecutions and military action, both of which are strategically ineffective because U.S. leaders, civilian and military, remain completely ignorant to the doctrine which drives this enemy and the strategies the enemy uses to impose its will on American society. Yet, our adversaries – the Islamic Movements, as well as those supporting them – operate along dozens of Lines of Operations, including but not limited to:

Propaganda/Islamophobia Campaign – imposing the Islamic Law of Slander on U.S. citizens via shaming and reputation destruction campaigns instilling fear on leaders and others so they will not speak truthfully about the barbaric nature of sharia.

Legislative Actions – HR 5665 and similar legislation at the national level, as well as all the legislation which weakens U.S. national security at our borders, in our Defense Department, our nuclear arsenal, our financial system, etc.

Propaganda/Political Actions – Million Muslim Vote, which appears to be similar to “Get Out The Vote” efforts in other communities, yet this effort is being run by terrorists of Hamas and others inside the United States, as an influence operation to get sharia-adherence embedded at all levels of American society.

Economic Means – using federal non-profit status as cover for action when, in fact, a huge number of Islamic non-profits in the United States are in violation of federal law by (1) advocating the overthrow of the U.S. government, (2) materially supporting terrorism through zakat funds, and, in some cases, (3) actively conspiring to commit murder, laundering money, and other related crimes.

Economic Warfare – The Islamic Movement’s senior legal scholars, like Yusuf al Qaradawi and Taqi Usmani, set up sharia compliant financial mechanism inside the U.S. system, including on Wall Street and inside the largest U.S. banks, which necessarily financially support terrorism in violation of U.S. federal code.

Lawfare/Civil proceedings – using the legal system to sue individuals and organizations who speak truth about these threats.

Military Operations – attacks on military bases by foreign nationals (Saudi Arabian attack on U.S. Naval Air Station Pensacola, Florida), attacks in Orlando, Seattle, San Bernardino, Boston, Fort Hood, Garland (TX), Boulder, New York, Greenville (SC), Columbus (OH), Tampa, St Cloud (MN), all of the martyrdom operations initiated in Minneapolis against U.S. forces overseas, Chattanooga, Houston, Irving (TX), Buffalo, Tampa, and all of the operations by jihadis against U.S. forces in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Africa, the Philippines, and elsewhere.

Joint Operations with the U.S. Communist Movement – Internationally communist China is engaged in a “Strategic Partnership” with the largest state sponsor of terrorism, the Islamic Republic of Iran. Nationally, the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood and its terrorist Hamas leadership publicly pledged its support for the Chinese communist Black Lives Matter at a Muslim Brotherhood event in Chicago. Across the United States, jihadi organizations like ICNA, ISNA, CAIR, MSA, Emgage, and many others are working with communist organizations like CPUSA, Black Lives Matter, Antifa, Democratic Socialists of America, the DNC, Code Pink, The Green Party, and many others.

Christlam/Use of Christians and Jews Against the United States – Many lines of efforts by the Islamic Movement in the United States exist to pit various Christian churches, seminaries, synagogues and organizations against American Patriots and America’s founding principles. U.S. Muslim Brotherhood sponsored trips with Jewish leaders to Nazi concentration camps are conducted to present the image that, like the Jews, muslims are being persecuted and must be protected. Despite the fact that normative and universally taught Islam calls for the holocaust of all Jews and the destruction of Israel, many U.S. Jewish groups and leaders jump on this deadly bandwagon. Many christian leaders also get involved in the many information operations aimed at neutering them against speaking truth about Islam, including: muslim men intentionally targeting the daughters of Christian pastors; the spreading of Christlam, a version of Christianity which is so watered down it does not offend muslims and denies the divinity of Jesus; the teaching of a false version of Islam to make it acceptable to churches and ignorant members of the flock.

While all of this activity is going on every day, and as Americans watch their liberty and nation slip away, the pushback has been to counter these massive societal efforts by our adversaries with policies, which is why we continue to lose.

This war will turn around when Americans identify and engage the people and organizations behind these efforts at the LOCAL level.

Understanding the Threat (UTT) is the only organization in the West which trains citizens to do just that. Join us now and take back your community today!


About JG

John Guandolo is a US Naval Academy graduate, served as an Infantry/Reconnaissance officer in the United States Marines and is a combat veteran, served as a Special Agent in the FBI from 1996-2008, and was recruited out of the FBI by the Department of Defense to conduct strategic analysis of the Islamic threat. He is the President and Founder of Understanding the Threat (UTT).


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